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ABC orders 5 more scripts.

Friday Night Lights' Gaius Charles on Grounding Smash, Boarding Pan Am and That Pesky Rumor
TVLINE | How did Pan Am come about?
There have been [TV] things that have come past my desk [in the past couple of years] but nothing that said, ‘This is a project that you need to potentially jeopardize your academic career for!’ But Pan Am came up, and it was so good. It was so well written. I went in for it and got the part and found out later that the writers wrote the part with me in mind. I was like, ‘Why does this character feel so natural?’ [Laughs] I’m really thankful to the writing staff at Pan Am for thinking about me and for giving me the chance to make my way back to TV.

TVLINE | Tell me about your character. We know he’s a soldier who crosses paths with Laura (Margot Robbie).
My character’s name is Joe and he’s a Navy officer from Mississippi in 1963. He’s deployed internationally and he’s coming back to visit his family when he meets Laura on the plane. They have this little get-to-know-you thing and this sort of romantic interlude, but it being 1963 and with all the racial divides in the country, things get very complicated very quickly. It was great to play a character that dealt with real issues, real history.

TVLINE | Is there potential for you to recur?
Yes. It was left open-ended. There was a real connection there.

I loved him on FNL, Smash was my favourite character. I am so excited to have him back on TV, even if just for one episode.


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